Global Coupon: About Us

The global marketplace has a new, more responsible and sustainable way of doing business.

We believe that the greatest amount of economic and long term societal impact comes from transformational entrepreneurship.

At Global Coupon, we build brands, drive profitable sales, and create value for consumers and businesses.

At the heart of it, we are are a Digital Brand Marketing, Advertising, and Online Media channel for small, medium, large scale businesses, and worldwide brands. We provide the platform that enables businesses/brands to conduct targeted inbound/outbound digital, social, and display marketing/advertising for their products, services, and professional services. Essentially, becoming their own Ad agency, without the high fees. Consumers benefit from businesses and brands' products, services, and professional services offered as incentives, bulked purchase savings, and promotions. As a fully leverage-able platform, we also enable income/revenue empowerment for individuals, businesses, social causes, and practically every other entity imaginable.  

Our full description:  Global Coupon is a catalytic leading edge, innovative, scalable, web based to mobile, leverageable Global Digital Brand Marketing and Advertising Online Media platform. A fully integrated mass For-profit Social Enterprise business/funding model providing mass consumer, B2C/B2B audience monetization and revenue share for Telecommunications (SMS) companies, major Call centres, Telesales, Lead generation, Mobile App providers/developers, Sales agencies, Ad agencies, Media buying groups, Ad networks, Ad exchanges, enabling innovative leveraged mass revenue generation for Global Charitable, Social cause, Non-profit organizations, College and University Advancement/Alumni programs and government agencies. A powerful and efficient digital channel partner in providing dominant brand presence, brand affinity, recognition, loyalty, purchase intent, programmatic digital display, and sales conversion channel to drive B2C and B2B profitable sales. Global Coupon aims to facilitate mass consumer and business cost savings, connectivity, and long term brand resonance throughout the customer buying decision journey. We aim to enable control of sustainable, responsible gross profit margins to companies, preserving brand equity and value, positively enabling marginalized businesses' inclusion in economic trade and commerce, while leveraging technology and mass commercialization to positively contribute to BoP (Base of the societal pyramid), drive income empowerment, mass social impact, and be a major significant influencer/catalyst of generational poverty reduction.

The leverageable digital platform also serves as fundamental digital service provider for Global Social Impact Bonds' variety of public/private urban and rural social impact/empowement programs.

We are helping to integrate the world’s markets, allowing small producers to compete on the same playing field as major multinationals. Around the corner or around the world, consumers can access unbeatable brand offers on the largest array of products and services around the clock.

We help companies achieve vital brand presence, expand their reach and benefit from a scalable model to approach the markets of their choice – all while maintaining or growing their profit margins.

Most worldwide businesses and brands require the ability to cost effectively leverage digital brand marketing and advertising channels as part, or all, of their conversion to an increasingly important digital presence. Our innovative integrated model enables small, medium, large enterprise businesses and brands, to effectively brand market, advertise and engage their current and future customer sell-to markets with the necessary set of self-directed digital and social tools to build brands, drive profitable sales, and create value for consumers and business customers, while providing social impact on mass.

By design, everyone wins with Global Coupon.


What’s in it for consumers?

Get more for less, enjoy new search experiences, earn affiliate income streams, get preference based brand offers, incentives, new products to market, directly to your inbox and be a part of the shopping revolution that supports sustainability and social impact - that is Global Coupon.

Trust Global Coupon to attract the world’s trusted brands. We focus on getting you great deals on the products and services you use everyday – not on those you don’t want, don’t need or have never heard of before.

We form long-lasting business relationships with our business brands, creating a community that is both pro-consumer and pro-business. Whether what you are looking for is local, national or international – searching and purchasing couldn’t be easier.

Simply search the business listings by category, by location, as often as you need. For access to even greater savings, consumers and businesses can choose to save on in-store brand products and services with their very own Global Coupon Access Card for use at participating businesses.

Search for what you want, and start saving while you shop – it’s that easy !


What’s in it for businesses?

Global Coupon gets results on your terms. Join Global Coupon today to tap into guaranteed long-term, high quality relationships that keep on giving.

Brand presence is critical for your business success now, and into the future. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, to businesses or to customers, locally, nationally or internationally – Global Coupon provides widespread brand exposure across over 500 categories, while increasing your in-store and online sales.

Dominating business/brand categories within your sell-to markets, incorporating digital brand marketing and advertising by enhancing customer engagement and sales conversion with our scalable membership parameters, gives you full ongoing access to control your listings, offers, costs, margins, scripts, and location targeting. 


Earn big with our Affiliate program

Help us spread the word and receive lucrative rewards in exchange. Become an Affiliate today.


Whether a professional Affiliate already, or just a beginner, for Global Coupon, recognizing who your friends are is key to success. At Global Coupon, we show our appreciation to the many affiliates who help us market our services and enlist businesses to be a part of the new world of business that we are creating.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make either supplementary money or a primary living. Whether you use social media, online advertising or direct referral to engage associations or businesses, we provide generous commission based rewards direct to you monthly. Follow all activity using your personalized online Affiliate dashboard and enjoy increased commissions the greater the volume of business you generate.

We are especially proud to have designed our model to enable registered charities worldwide to benefit from becoming an affiliate. This allows charities to easily convert business volume into public good, strengthening communities, and empowering individuals, as we create and maintain vibrant economies worldwide.