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Digital Sales Executives

Innovation breeds Entrepreneurship. Work with us as a Digital Sales Executive!

Our Independent Direct Sales and Business Development roles offer an innovative, no cost, highly lucrative and long term opportunity to build your business - within a business. Achieve a lucrative, flexible, long term part-time or full time career with an innovative, leading edge, global company and a corporate culture you can feel great about being associated with. Build your digital future, and create genuine social impact, with us.

Company Overview:

Global Coupon is a catalytic leading edge, innovative, scalable, web based to mobile, Global Digital Brand Marketing and Advertising online media platform. A fully integrated business model providing SME businesses, agencies, media buying groups, ad networks, and ad exchanges a powerful and efficient brand presence, brand affinity, recognition, loyalty, purchase intent, programmatic digital display, and sales conversion channel to drive B2C and B2B profitable sales. Global Coupon aims to facilitate mass consumer and business cost savings, connectivity, and long term brand resonance throughout the customer buying decision journey. We aim to enable control of sustainable, responsible gross profit margins to companies, preserving brand equity and value, positively enabling marginalized businesses' inclusion in economic trade and commerce, while leveraging technology and mass commercialization to derive social impact.

Build global sustainable brands. Drive brand equity, value, and profitable sales for Businesses. Create value for consumers & businesses, B2C/B2B.

Position Overview:

We build Digital Futures. We are an ownership culture. We empower our entire supply chain, long term.

We are looking for Direct Sales and Business Development Executives that can deliver Digital Marketing/Advertising, Loyalty platform solution selling to all types of local to global, Small, Medium, and enterprise businesses, and worldwide brands in your region, and worldwide.

We look for three types of key independent Sales/Business Development positions, across multiple North American and International cities:

  • Platform Affiliate: Full Time/Part Time (0–2 years Sales Experience)—Well suited for Entry level Sales/Marketing, Students, Interns
  • Account Executive: Full Time: (3–7 years Sales experience)—Well suited for experienced Sales/Business Development Account Reps
  • Director - Business Development Team Leader: (7–10+ years Sales experience)—Well suited for highly experienced, high calibre Business team developers/leaders.


  • Lucrative commission structure with potential earnings of six figures within the first 6 months.
  • An opportunity to provide businesses/brands with much needed scalable Digital Marketing/Advertising/Loyalty platform solutions on a global scale. No Boundaries or Restrictions as Independent agents.
  • We don’t cap your earnings, your potentials, your territories, or dictate what we believe you are worth.
  • This is long term, largely passive, recurring, revenue streams that can become an annuity-type of income from a growing business base which rewards long - term affiliation.

Desired Skills:

  • Highly motivated and driven.
  • Entrepreneurial in nature. 
  • B2B solutions selling oriented, both online and in-person.

How To Apply:

If you are interested in joining us in one of these roles, follow the 2 steps below. 

Step 1:  (Optional)  Register at Global Coupon Affiliate  for appropriate earning group placement and payment.

Step 2:   Send us your CV/profile, indicating which role you feel you are best suited for, and why:

How we collaborate with Recruiters/Employment firms:

Innovation, and enabling significant new revenue streams for recruitment/employment firms. Placing high calibre talent with us is very profitable - long term. Originating from certified recruiters, registrations of candidates into the above roles earn the recruitment firm a contingency % fee, payable monthly (within net 30 days), based upon the successful candidates' monthly gross earnings for a period of up to one year from placement date, as follows:

Platform Affiliate/Sales - 10% 

Account Executive - Platform Sales - 15%

Director - Business Development - 20%