Global Coupon: Our History

During 2009, as the world’s economies continued to falter, the idea behind Global Coupon began to take shape.

In response to the trickledown effect of a global recession and a tightening of liquidity, Global Coupon founder, Jason Hari, came up with a vibrant and dynamic new business model that serves all stakeholders, and displaces none. He envisioned a new business ecology, a marketplace, that provides highly valued customers to businesses, mainstream brand offers and incentives to consumers and businesses, income earning opportunities to those who need them most, while benefitting a variety of social and charitable cause - worldwide.

With his team of industry experts, they have spent the past few years making this dream a reality.

The banking crash of 2008 continues to affect everyone, from countries and corporations through to entrepreneurs and families. An obvious place to significantly impact market confidence is the internet, given the degree of connectivity and globalization that exists today, and into the future. However, this had to be done right. 

Although innovative online enterprises already exist, their desperation to make up for lost business has led them to over focus their limited scope on consumers or businesses, rather than ensuring the health of both. This has led to overstretched businesses, out of pocket consumers and spiralling confidence. Our founder knew as soon as the idea formed, that Global Coupon had the potential to bridge each of these problems with viable solutions, and more. Today, the world is beginning to wake up to that vision.

Global Coupon is a tool that helps to support vibrant economies, while benefiting all that use it.

The idea behind Global Coupon is so simple that in the future people will struggle to believe how radically different it was from the other models around. Creating value for consumers on things they want and need is a simple solution that has been in operation for decades, if not centuries. Yet, providing an entire integrated innovative framework that benefits and encourages companies to intelligently market to both consumers and other businesses via a central adaptable platform that benefits all, is brand new.

Global Coupon offers itself as a potent and impactful solution to both consumers and businesses in equal measure.