Global Coupon: Direct Access to Consumers and Businesses

Form close relationships with active web, tablet, and mobile users and benefit from the opportunity to market your products, services, and professional services to geo-located consumers and businesses, at the same time.

Global Coupon’s patrons cover the full spectrum of internet users and global 'search' buyers coming through the worlds largest search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN, and Yahoo etc. Old and young, local and international, consumers and businesses – by joining our fast growing membership you will be gaining access to a vast pool of varied customers. And thanks to the innovative ways we engage them using social media and our internal promotional platforms, they maintain a high rate of activity and integration with the platforms and our Business Members services.

The entire Global Coupon membership receives attractive offers, exciting promotions, and new products to market through our e-distribution service. Using the pioneering Bid My Deal auction, Business Members get the chance to take advantage of this service to promote their brands and offers to a focused selection of customers and businesses. This ensures your promotional efforts are targeted towards authentic and qualified customers, allowing you to put your focus on running your business and marketing effective campaigns.

Increase your in-store and online sales by engaging in B2C and B2B deal making across global markets – sign up today. Need some help getting started ? Connect with us, and we'll gladly be your guide.