Global Coupon: Expand Brand Reach

Online media platform, integrated to drive your brand recognition and sales conversion to web based, tablet, and mobile users the world over. Or, in your local city or town.

Global Coupon attracts the customers you need, allowing you to focus on the offers they want. Global Coupon puts the power to reach customers in your hands.

In today’s competitive marketplace, the opportunity to intelligently build your brand, grow market share, and increase the awareness of your products and services is invaluable. Increasingly, local to global 'Search' buyers of products and services of all kinds, utilize major search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc to deliver highly ranked search results that lead to business listings, campaigns, advertising, and highly enriched SEO platforms. Global Coupon combines the ability to digitally market and advertise your brand on a global scale, while at the same time promoting your branded offers. Our innovative, independently developed infrastructure targets your offers direct to the customers of your choice, whether they are just around the corner or around the world. Our high value ad inventory across the entire platform is there for business and agency to fully utilize.

Real Time Bid Advertising 

Global Coupon Business Members get the chance to enter real time bidding auctions which allows the market to dictate the placement of ads on our regional to global landing home pages, extensive relevant internal content pages by business category, location, and user preference. Other branding channels include outbound communication emails, newsletters, and brand logo placement on outbound consumer and business Access Cards - worldwide.

Bid My Deal

To get ahead of the competition and to the heart of your intended audience, we developed Bid My Deal. Our pioneering, industry-leading promotional bidding system gives you full control of your campaigns. Going beyond simple brand offer listings, Business Members launch any of their brand listings into the Bid My Deal e-distribution system, and bid for inclusion to targeted consumer or business subscribers. This provides businesses with the opportunity to achieve closer, meaningful brand engagement and secures unprecedented reach into the markets of their choosing.

Reach out and touch new customers and gain the advantage over your competition. Sign up with Global Coupon to get started straight away, or connect with us and we'll be pleased to help you get your business/brand started.