Global Coupon for Advertisers, Media Agency Partners

Online media. Target customer audience segmentation. Programmatic buying - Digital Advertising's automated future. Advertisers have more power and more control with Global Coupon, while driving Social Impact and Brand value.

Once you've created your basic membership as a Business member, you have full access to the Bid/Buy Advertising System across the entire platform.

Platform Advertising and Branding

Global Coupon is a mass audience delivery player for advertisers and marketers, enabling consumer and business product and service category segmentation, preference and geo-location based digital display - web based to mobile - via RTB based display advertising, from the hyper local to the global level. Our entire mass display ad inventory across the platform is also beneficially aggregated by Google and other major aggregators, to the benefit of our business member advertisers.

For small to medium scale businesses, the dynamic platform provides the ability to economically position your brand, products, services etc. to dominate relevant categories, in your local sell-to region/market where your current and future customers are mainly located. If your sell-to market expands the scalable platform enables your brand presence and dominance across broad markets for optimal customer engagement, and higher regional SEO search buyer rankings. For businesses/brands with broader national or global scope with wider sell-to markets, having current and future customers in wider geographies, the ability to secure local to global high impact ad positions in category, content, and home landing pages ensures dominant digital presence, customer engagement, and global SEO search buyer rankings. 

This creates a unique and powerful opportunity to engage consumers and business audiences with precision and scale. Influencing customer buying behaviour towards the path of visibility, successful engagement, and purchasing outcomes delivers a more effective and efficient campaign strategy.  

The Global Coupon platform facilitates a high value ad-serve capacity of well over a billion impressions each month across its expansive combinations of B2C/B2B categories, geo-determined global landing and internal page locations, and various forms of outbound communication.  Each consumer or business user/visitor to the platform is geo-located and served advertisers' preference based and targeted display or video assets. 

Effective branding is all about frequency, presence, visibility, search ability, and ultimately achieving brand trust and identification to remain 'top of mind' for your particular business niche, products, or services in your sell-to markets.

Global Coupon enables all types of businesses, advertisers, media buying agencies, ad networks, ad exchanges, ad agencies, and marketing firms to utilize the platform as a progressive part of their marketing mix. Digital spend can be implemented alone or cost effectively layered with TV and other traditional ad buys, combining to successfully increase frequency of exposure, and thus customer awareness.

Small, medium, to large scale businesses and brands customize their ad campaign purchase to their desired sell-to audiences by specific page, ad spot position, geographic location, and user preference - product or service categories. The city, province/state, and country level ad positions enable relative value for their intended target audiences. Display/video ads can then be linked back to desired business site pages, Global Coupon master business member page, or any specific listing a member has.  

Marketers and advertisers are assured that our global consumer and business audience is highly receptive to branding, with inherent buying intent across all categories. Frankly, it's why they are here - unlike other interruptive social based platforms!

Bid/Buy Advertising

Our unique ad slot bidding and 'Buy Now' ad inventory enables self directed placement of creative across the entire platform. A cross between real-time bidding (RTB) and advertising (RTA) and traditional ad buying, it incorporates maximum bid settings and full campaign control, which means advertisers have many digital display options, optimizing for relevancy, presence, SEO/keywords, and value within category and location for search buyers, with a great deal of flexibility that requires a minimum amount of oversight. 

Large scale ad agencies, marketers, media buying groups, ad networks, and ad exchanges may obtain wholesale pricing levels for multi - brands/clients accounts. This enables a further revenue stream on margin re-billing. Contact us for more details.

Agency Affiliate Partnership

Why not become an Agency Affiliate partner of the platform - We enable agencies to generate revenue streams to their bottom line, while keeping aligned with their clients mandated digital channel ad spend. As traditional agency revenues from client brands decrease in scope and by sheer numbers of brands and businesses that do not utilize ad agencies, we empower agencies to sell upmarket digital channel services to their segmented clients, while driving significant additional revenue streams to the agency, for each brand/business enlisted.  

Global Coupon offers quality ad inventory in a unique, market-driven pricing environment. Advertisers seeking high value brand resonance, effective brand presence and improved customer acquisition and sales conversion have found their new best tool. Ensure your ongoing digital buy includes Global Coupon.

Need help getting started ? Connect with us, we're here to help you, your business, and your brands.