Global Coupon for Governments

We believe that what's good for consumers and business is ultimately good for government.

At Global Coupon, we know the positive effect that improved commerce and entrepreneurship can have on both a local and a global scale. 

We support the principle that economic progress without social development is not sustainable, while social development without economic progress is impossible - World Economic Forum.

With the new business ecology that we at Global Coupon are working to foster, we are confident in the benefits for government agencies and programs that choose to embrace the platform.

Economic inclusion of micro economies, in under-developed and developed nations, into the larger scope of international trade and development, fosters economic progress and social development.

Creating new revenue streams while positively affecting business growth, regionally and nationally, will stimulate sluggish economies. Our affiliate model promotes empowerment through self-driven earning for those on social assistance, undergoing rehabilitation or in back-to-work programs. For governments, this results in payout reductions, while individuals rebuild and elevate their confidence, self worth, and economic standing.  

In addition, Global Coupon offers governments the same thing it offers businesses - the ability to promote their messaging to a targeted audience.

Contact us today to see how your government organization can increase your branding and communications messaging outreach through utilizing the Global Coupon digital marketing, advertising and branding platform.