Global Coupon: Business to Business Connectivity

B2B digital brand marketing and advertising is increasingly important for your business and brands. Global Coupon connects businesses to other businesses, as well as consumers, to enhance credibility, establish and maintain industry sector brand presence, and improve bottom lines every step of the way.

We help businesses do better business. Global Coupon gives consumers a better buying experience, and extends the same ability to businesses.

Global Coupon offers businesses a robust B2B buying and selling platform that's never been available before now. Increased profitable sales, B2B branding, brand presence, awareness, visibility, and market expansion are critical to B2B businesses. The Global Coupon platform enables deep digital marketing and advertising resources/tools beyond basic business directory listings, to actively engage and convert strategies to your current and future sell-to markets - local to global.

B2B members list, create marketing and advertising campaigns, and place high value digital ad creative into ad positions throughout platform landing pages by relevant categories and locations for their products, services, and professional services. Geo-located B2B users worldwide are then served your ad creative, driving competitive advantage, and effective sales channel leads to your business/brands. 

Anybody can do it.

Whether your business involves Manufacturing, Production, Wholesale, Distribution, Transportation or any other sector, you can leverage the power of digital brand marketing and advertising to achieve vital brand presence in their relevant business categories and geographic locations they currently sell to, or intend to sell to. Businesses also source their product and service needs, anything from raw materials, wholesale products and services, shipping and transport, to accounting, from the business-specific areas of the platform that are exclusive to our business members

This also means that your business-side costing and brand incentives on the Global Coupon B2B platform are completely separate from your B2C consumer-side actions: on the B2B side of the platform, only business subscribers and members are enabled to view B2B company listings, pricing, and campaigns. 

The B2B marketing opportunities on Global Coupon are unique.

Business members can create profiles, list offers and reach out to targeted business audiences in the same way they would to consumers, but in a closed-sphere business environment. This allows organizations, and the agencies that represent them, to optimize their business expenditure and improve their revenue all on one platform.

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