Global Coupon: Bid My Deal™

Welcome to the focused e-distribution tool that allows you to present your brand or brand offers direct to personally opted-in customers.

The premise is simple.

Business Members in need of direct closer consumer (B2C), business (B2B) engagement, and vital brand presence can have their brand presence or brand offers delivered directly to the inboxes of Global Coupon’s preference based customers, from domestic to emerging global markets. A core component of the business generation system, Bid My Deal® (launching in 2014), ensures that your chosen branding or offers are top of mind for the precise consumer or business demographic you select. Beyond having branding, brand offers, incentives or new products in their own campaigns, member businesses can choose any of their active brand listings and launch them into the Bid My Deal™ platform, selecting their desired target regions (based on population and economic buying power) and calendar timeline.

Business Members bid for inclusion in our e-distribution facility and reach out to our ever expanding, targeted, preference based, global consumers, including Global Coupon’s business subscriber base. The added social sharing among and between consumers and businesses ensures optimal reach and brand impact across your chosen demographic areas, economic buying power, and beyond. All recipients are opt-in subscribers who have chosen how often they wish to receive offers, and from which business categories and regions, based on their category preferences. Access maximum awareness, brand recognition and subject relevance to increase profitable sales, long term brand loyalty, as well as an enhanced customer experience.

Business members participating in Global Coupon’s Access Card program, in addition to the Bid My Deal® platform, can access a full suite of brand marketing tools to drive sales and create value.

Get ahead of your competition by gaining access to the inboxes of high value customers: sign up as a Business Member today.