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Advertise your business, organization, product or service on the Global Coupon digital display advertising platform. With our unique Bid/Buy Advertising system, you can bid on any of the ad spots throughout the platform, on any home page, content page, category page, local to global location, and duration of ad buy - or purchase any ad space to guarantee your spot. Preference based, geo-located users are then served your relevant and prominent display/video ad, enabling engagement and sales conversion. Become a Business Member today to upload or create display ads - image files, Flash-based videos, Google ads, and more - for display throughout the Global Coupon platform ! Once you've created your basic membership as a Business member, you have full access to the Bid/Buy Advertising System across the entire platform.

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RTB/RTA Advertising

Bid/Buy Digital Display Advertising Management System

Global. Relevant. Targeted. Programmatic buying - Digital advertising's automated future. Advertise your products, services or brands to relevant, targeted, and preference based consumer and business users at prices dictated by the market.

 We believe that every Business Member, whether business/agency advertiser of client-brands, should have a fair chance at securing the advertising slots of their choice throughout the entire platform. To offer this, our ad spaces are offered through a Bid/BuyNow mechanism that operates in a similar way to an auction. 

This serves small, medium, and large enterprise brands and businesses with efficient relative costing for their primary sell-to markets, or scalable global market locations.

Small, medium, to large scale businesses and brands customize their ad campaign purchase to their desired sell-to audiences by specific page, ad spot position, geographic location, and user preference - product or service categories. These city, province/state, and country level ad positions enable relative value for their intended target audiences. Display/video ads can then be linked back to desired business site pages or Global Coupon master business member page.

The process is essentially a cross between real-time bidding (RTB) and advertising (RTA), and traditional ad buying. Simply pick the ad space you are interested in by selecting the desired ad serve positions on homepage, content pages, category pages, and geo-locations. Then simply load your creative, choose date range, place your bid or buy now value and follow the action from your advertising management dashboard. You'll also be advised of winning bids and outbid notices throughout. The Business Member to place the highest offer before bidding ends is the proud new owner of that ad space. It couldn’t be easier.

With many different brand advertising channels available, it is a great way to get your brand and message across to your target market. From local to global homepage display ads, to multiple outbound communication ad spaces and featured logo positioning on Consumer and Business Digital Access Cards, the options are virtually endless. Cost, above reserve values, are driven solely by market demand, giving you unprecedented flexibility and value in your targeted marketing spend. The best way to experience this fantastic new advertising tool is to jump on in and give it a go.

Every consumer and business user/visitor to the platform, being geo-located upon arrival, are presented with advertisers' preference and location based ad serve, both web based and mobile.

Place your brand front and centre – sign-up today and access this innovative means of getting your display/video creative onto Homepage, Content, B2C/B2B categories and locations that accelerate sales.