Global Coupon: About Us

What’s great for consumers is great for businesses too.

At Global Coupon, we aim high. We are helping to integrate the world’s markets, allowing small producers to compete on the same playing field as major multinationals. Around the corner or around the world, consumers and businesses alike can access unbeatable brand offers on the largest array of products and services around the clock.

About Us

The global marketplace has a new, more responsible and sustainable way of doing business. At Global Coupon, we like to aim high. We are helping to integrate the world’s markets...

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Our History

During 2009, as the world’s economies continued to falter, the idea behind Global Coupon began to take shape. In response to the trickledown effect of a global recession...

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Our Scope

Global Coupon connects businesses to the world’s markets, no matter what industry you’re in. As a global digital brand marketing company, we will help you access...

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Our Charities

At Global Coupon, we really do want to change the world. Part of this is providing value to our users, be they businesses or consumers. Part of it is the commitment to charitable initiatives...

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Media & Press

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