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Upgrade to Consumer Membership to purchase and use the exclusive Global Coupon Digital Discount Access Card (for use at ALL participating merchants around the world), targeted local/global incentives, offers, new products, access to consumer group discussion forums, and to receive emails with offers targeted to your customized preferences. Sign up, your Digital Access Card is sent to your email, then save it onto your smart phone ! See our DIGITAL ACCESS CARD section below for how!

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Consumer group discussion forum access (with purchase of access card)

Full Digital Access Card usage (with purchase - see below for how)

The Global Coupon Digital Access Card - Sent to you by email. Save onto your smart phone !

Membership to our Digital Access Card is our premium consumer service. As a Global Coupon Digital Access Card Member you can drop by in person to your favourite participating business’ in-store location to get discounts and special costing etc on their in-stock products and services. This also encourages businesses you frequent to benefit from platform usage as well. 

Whether you are shopping online or in-store, Global Coupon is always getting you the best value everywhere you go!

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